Do Doctors Need The Apple Watch? No, but…

If you’re hoping this blogpost ends with the resume that doctors absolutely must have the apple watch or they can’t fulfill their obligations: I have to disappoint you.

I didn’t purchase the apple watch, my wife gave it to me as a gift when I finished my residency training. I was really thrilled even though I didn’t have clear expectations regarding the service this gadget would provide for me during the day-to-day work…

But there are a couple of features that are quite nice: 

As a physician several functions are of great value:

1. The activity tracker:

There are those days when you spend most of your time sitting. The apple watch will remind you to get up and move around to avoid thrombosis to form.

2. Sleep tracker:

Like many other activity tracker devices the apple watch is capable of tracking your sleep.  Especially when you are on-call this gives you great insights. After many nights I felt like I just took a nap. With the apple watch you can track the duration and the quality of your sleep.

I use the Sleep++ App for this purpose.

3. Easier communication:

The apple watch will let you answer text messages easily and in a less obvious way. So in some circumstances during conferences etc, when your active part is over but you don’t want to pull out your Smartphone, the apple watch can be of help.

So all together:

Did the apple watch revolutionize my daily routine as a physician? No, not at all. While smartphones provide enormous value to doctors and are an absolute MUST, the apple watch is only that: nice-to-have.

Do you know of a Apple-Watch-App that makes life as a doctor easier? Leave a comment below!

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