How To Succeed In Your Medical Career.

5 Strategies That Never Fail.

It is easier than ever to make a great career in medicine. You wanna know why? Because your competition is very busy.

Your competition is very busy

  • complaining about the tough circumstances they have to work under.
  • because they did not organize they’re daily work schedule well and they are wasting time.
This doesn’t make it EASY for you, but it’s easier. You still need hard work and a strategy: There are five steps to follow. Apply these, and I guarantee you’ll have success.
  1. Find out what your boss wants and overdeliver:
    Every boss has different goals, opinions and priorities. On the other hand there are things he doesn’t care about at all.Make it your top goal to find out what she thinks is really important, when it comes to treating patients. Then spend time delivering on these expectations. Here are a few examples:

    1. My first attending was all about blood gases. If I knew the patient’s CO2 by heart he was happy.
    2. Another doc’s hot topic was the patient’s dry weight. If you didn’t know their dry weight, there was nothing you could do or say to make him happy.
  2. Use your time wisely: 
    Please: don’t complain! Stop complaining right now. The toner is empty, there are too few people on your staff, and on and on we go. There are so many things going wrong. But instead of whining, use your time and energy to change the things you actually can control. Whining is for losers. Never has a chief said: That guy who is complaining all day long: I really need  him on my team…hasn’t happened! Ever!
  3. Have the patient’s best interest in mind.
    This strategy will never go out of style: Listen to the patient, have his best interest at heart and everything will take care of itself. Sooner or later your patients will tell your boss what a great doctor you are and that always is a big advantage!
  4. Hustle.
    Many medical students have had it easy all their lives. I don’t want to bash the millenials all too much but basically: Their parents took care of them, but that is now over. Once you arrive in the working field, expect to work harder than ever before. Volunteer for jobs nobody else want to do.  Be the first guy there and the last to leave.
  5. Be patient. There is no overnight success. You will have to wait years until you will reap the benefits. It takes time. You have time.

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