How to recognize whether you work in a good hospital

Hospitals have one great advantage over general companies. You don’t have to spend a whole lot of money hiring consultants to find out if you make a good job. You just have to be honest and ask yourself  this one question: “Would you go there if you were sick?”

Would I? Of course there are the con’s:
OK the food sucks.
OK the walls aren’t shiny white anymore.
OK sometimes you have to wait some time until you are called up.
Surely at any place something goes wrong from time to time.

But in the end it all comes down to this: Would you or wouldn’t you go there, if you were sick? 

Yesterday I had the choice and I didn’t think a minute.

The clinic I work in is not only my 2nd home, but also the best place I know for medical treatment in this big part of the world. Worth every wait. (by the way it went fast, and I was treated very nicely, even though nobody knew I was a doctor, but that’s not the point.)Are we willing to oversee first world problems like food, waiting time and so on?

For me no question. Medical excellence is more important than food and one-bed rooms.

So what if the answer is no, you wouldn’t wanna be treated, where you work? Ask yourself why? Is it because of the food or other superficial reasons?

Is it because the quality of the work doesn’t suffice?
If so, you have two options: Do your best to raise the quality with all your influence, creativity and power, or consider to leave to somewhere you would want to be treated.

By the way the right question….

if you are a teacher: Would I send my child to my class?
if you are a chef: Would I order at my restaurant?
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