4 Reasons Why You Should Cut Out The Sarcasm, Right Now!

Some people think that the only way to survive on an ICU as a doctor is lots and lots of sarcasm. I used to be sarcastic, because I thought it was funny. Turns out: it’s not. Here is a self talk I give myself, whenever I have an acute sarcasm-relapse:

  1. It’s not funny and it’s definitely not cool.

    Humor is necessary at the job, but if you make fun of anybody, why not about yourself? There is nothing funnier than a bit of self irony.

  2. It destroys the motivation of anybody around you.

    Sarcasm makes anybody who still believes in a good outcome of the patient feel like a fool. The nurses, the techs, everyone. They just wanted to give it their best to help this guy. Now they think: “Why bother? He’s gonna die anyway. If the doctor thinks this is all ridiculous, we might as well go and order some pizza.”

  3. Patients of sarcastic doctors are definitely treated worse

    (No cool statistic to prove this point, but pretty sure I’m right.)

  4. It deeply demotivates yourself.

    If you really feel that this is all worthless, you can’t possibly have the motivation necessary to do a good job here.

    So you should either should go find a different job or change your mindset. Because with this attitude you are headed towards burnout.

    No money in the world can makeup for that poor mindset.

Many times this helps. Don’t know if you need it. If so give it a try.

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