Why Physical Examination Is More Important Than Ever. 

In medicine skills are almost like a status symbol. Whether your colleagues will speak highly of you greatly depends on whether you are able to perform angiograms, ultrasound or other procedures.

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But there is one skill that you don’t get much credit for, even though it is indispensable:

Physical Examination.

Ask ten fourth-year-students, what they rather want: a lesson of lung auscultation or to visit the cath lab? More than likely nine of them will choose the cath lab.

Let’s say you have a patient with dyspnea, who is admitted to the ICU. Many times before a thorough physical exam unexperienced doctors will suggest

  • a CT scan to exclude pulmonary embolism or even
  • intubation.

6 Keys To Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Medical Conference

Every other year, depending on my scientific efforts, I get to go to a conference abroad. Going to a conference is kinda like going to Disneyland: Countless things to do, but only very little time.

The opportunities there are overwhelming. There are

  • numerous great presentations
  • interesting topics
  • amazing researchers
  • great speakers you can get to know.Time is very sparse and it’s easy to lose focus. Many times I felt depressed because I felt I missed out on  so many great things. To avoid this feeling, here are my 6 steps to getting the most out of your next conference.

Oral Exams In Medicine: With These Three Secrets You Will Succeed!

Last week I took my final oral exam to be a certified internist and nephrologist.*

I had three weeks of preparation time, during which I had to work.

Two hours of learning per day for three weeks for the complete internal medicine and nephrology sounded frightening to me.  But with a strategy and a little bit of luck: I passed.  Here are my three most important tips on oral exams in medicine.

My Favorite Tool – Uptodate!

To me it feels like the medical knowledge I need to treat my patients doubles every month. Keeping all of the important information in your head is impossible.

You need resources and tools that help you to stay on top of all the information. Here I introduce my favorite tool: Uptodate. And I mention three reasons why you should test it right away.

How To Avoid Debt During Medical School

Medical education is expensive. Many graduates don’t only receive a diploma after finishing their studies but also a student loan bill of $ 200.000!

During their studies they rationalize that  one day they’ll have a big income to clean this mess up easily.
But going into debt during medical school is not a must, that is for sure.

Five Habits Great Doctors Practice Every Day

If we can believe the movies and the TV shows the great doctors are always right.

  • don’t make mistakes
  • always have the right diagnosis at hand and
  • always know what to do.
This description could not be further from the truth. It’s a fairy tale.
Instead, the great ones that I have worked with practice these five habits daily: