4 Thoughts On Why I Document My Patient’s Favorite Soccer Club

The nurses made fun of me the other day because I wrote down my patient’s favorite soccer club in the chart. “Patient is a fan of Fenerbahce Istanbul, while his best friend cheers for Galatasaray“ I filled in social history part of the digital chart.

I didn’t have a deeper intention when I did, but I noted I had conversations with four different nurses on the patient’s background, his interests and his life.

1. He cared, so I cared.

The first question the patient asked me,  (after admission to the ICU!) was whether I could look up the latest soccer results of the turkish soccer league.  It seemed to matter to him and played a more important role than the job he had for many years.

2. A deeper connection.

It aroused the attention of the nurses in the patient (and mine to).  If that’s what it takes to get myself and the nurses interested in a patient and thus make a personal and maybe even an emotional  connection with the patient possible: I’m in.

3. A goal to work towards.

Let’s say the nurses and doctors know more about the patient. Let’s say the patient has a cat, he walks once a day, or he has a rose garden he needs to take care of: Now the doctors and  nurses have a more concrete goal to work towards. The goal changed from „Let’s make him healthy again“. Instead it is: “Let’s do everything, so he can take care of his rose garden.”

4. The patient will like you more.

Sympathy is the foundation of trust. Patients, who like their doctors will trust them more and adhere to treatment plans more.

And by the way, he will find you way more interesting, too.

From now on I’m going to ask for the patient’s hobbies, their favorite TV show and the name of their hamster and document it. Let the show begin and stay tuned for some fun stuff.

Nurses and doctors, who connect on some other level with their patients for the least have more fun at work. Probably they make a better performance, too. (No statistic available, sorry)

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